Mie University, XING Inc., and its parent company, Brother Industries, Ltd., announced the results of clinical trials on the joint research "Karaoke and medical application research using the YUBA method" that was conducted from February 2011.

 In the joint research, based on the "YUBA method *" created by the Faculty of Medicine and Education of Mie University and a singing therapy program using karaoke, patients with mild to moderate dementia at Mie University Hospital will be treated for half a year. We compared the test results between 10 investigators who underwent singing therapy and 10 who did not, and verified the efficacy.

 As a result of the research, by implementing a singing therapy program using the YUBA method and karaoke, BPSD (behavioral psychological symptoms) is improved, sleep time can be extended, and the symptoms of dementia patients tend to be stabilized. Was seen.In addition, many reports from family observations showed that there were favorable changes in motivation, emotions, and executive function compared to before the implementation.Furthermore, from the brain image analysis results of functional MRI examination (fMRI) before and after the clinical test, it was found that the efficiency of information processing was obtained by the singing therapy using the YUBA method and karaoke.

 Based on the current situation of dementia patients, which is expected to exceed 2025 million in 700, XING Inc. and Brother Industries, Ltd. will recognize based on the findings obtained through joint research with Mie University. We are planning to consider new ways to use karaoke for people with dementia.

* The YUBA method is a new vocalization method created based on the "YUBA theory" constructed by Professor Toru Yuba of Mie University through research on "vocal function anatomy and physiology".By imitating a model voice, you will learn how to use the throat's "singing muscle" (cricothyroid muscle) and improve your vocal ability efficiently in a short period of time.


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