Saga University and Kimura Information Technology Co., Ltd. jointly aim to develop full-scale video content for e-Learning for initial clinical residents, regarding "shared training content for initial clinical residents and video content for e-Learning". We have signed a research contract.

 Currently, there are 1,018 "clinical training hospitals / university hospitals" that instruct initial clinical residents, and the training content for the two years of initial clinical training is provided with different characteristics at each training hospital.From a different point of view, it can be said that the educational contents used at each training hospital are different, and the basic initial clinical training contents are also created by busy instructors at each training hospital. It is in.Based on the current situation that it is necessary for the instructors of these training hospitals to reduce the time cost and for the initial clinical trainees to receive uniform basic training nationwide, this joint research will be conducted at national training hospitals, etc. We will investigate and research issues such as the development of content based on the goals of the initial clinical training that can be shared and the development of an e-Learning environment that utilizes the content.

 The period of joint research is until the end of March 2016. We will study training curriculum and contents for e-Learning, build a system, and study nationwide dissemination and deployment measures. In response to this joint research result, we started to create e-Learning contents and build a portal site dedicated to e-Learning systems from April 3, and by the summer of 2016, we will start building a portal site dedicated to e-Learning systems for early clinical trainees. We aim to open a site.

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