RIZAP Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tokai University and Kenkou Corporation, has decided to start joint research on "correlation between fat weaving measurement by whole body MRI and body weight" using MRI images.

 The background of the joint research is that lifestyle-related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia caused by obesity are becoming more and more social problems, such as medical expenses exceeding 2014 trillion yen in FY40.In response to this social situation, this joint research is one of the efforts being made by various specialized institutions, including the national government, to curb medical expenses. In collaboration with Professor Taro Takahara of the Department of Medical Biotechnology, Faculty of Engineering, Tokai University, focusing on the weight loss effect of the RIZAP program, we will clarify the obesity-relieving effect and health-promoting effect of the RIZAP method by the correlation between the amount of body fat loss and the amount of weight loss. The research will be carried out.

 In the joint research, we will use state-of-the-art full-body MRI to photograph the pericardium and abdomen, and clarify the correlation between body weight and the measured value of adipose tissue in each part as a budding study.In addition, when the body weight is reduced, it is not clear at present which part of the fat weave is reduced. Therefore, in the same subject, whether the weight and the fat weave decrease in proportion to each other as the body weight is reduced, or We will also study whether there is a difference in the rate of decrease depending on the site.The subjects will be RIZAP users, and we plan to study the reducing effect of the RIZAP method on fat weaving from a medical point of view.

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