Otemae University (Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture) started "Christmas Projection Mapping 2015" from Sunday, December 12, 6.The event is held in cooperation with the school corporation Incheon Gakuin (the same city in the same prefecture) as part of the educational activity "high school-university cooperation" that the high school and the university collaborate with.

 The venue is the Korbe Auditorium of the school, which is illuminated every Christmas season and is familiar to the local people.This year, as the first attempt, "projection mapping" planned and produced by 12 seminar students of Keisuke Imanishi, an associate professor of the Faculty of Media and Arts (major in video animation) of the same university, will be screened three times a day. ..

 On the 6th of the first day, as an opening event, it will be held jointly with the local "Daikoto Feast" (Koto area revitalization group).From the university, Ryoji Takahashi, a graduate and professional futsal player, and Inouko Inoue, a golf club, appeared as guests, as well as performances by the JAZZ Research Department, an exhibition of graduates from the Faculty of Media and Arts, and Stollen and cookies by Sweets Lab. It was very exciting with the sale of baked goods and mobilized about 800 people.

 The event is scheduled to be held on Saturday, 19th, Sunday, 20th, and 23rd (Wednesday / holiday) this month. In addition to the projection mapping screening, the performance by the university's orchestra will be the same as the Otemae Confectionery Academy. There will also be an exhibition of the diorama "Sweet Railway Museum" made from sweets, which was jointly produced by the university.

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