The University of Tokyo and Keidanren jointly established the "Venture Development Conference" for industry-academia collaboration and announced plans to promote commercialization.

 In Japan, the economic situation is gradually returning to life due to the promotion of Abenomics, but there are concerns that innovation leading to the development of new growth fields centered on IT, job creation and industrial development is sluggish compared to the United States and other countries. ..Keidanren pointed out that large companies are reluctant to invest in venture companies because they are afraid of risks, and large companies, venture companies, universities, and venture capital have been reluctant to invest in venture companies for further economic growth in Japan. We aim to build a "venture ecosystem" that creates many start-up companies by cooperating with each other.By the way, the venture ecosystem means that multiple entities form partnerships, utilize each other's assets, and coexist and co-prosper widely.

 The University of Tokyo has been promoting entrepreneurial human resources education and establishment of venture capital from an early stage, and in 2015, the market value of venture companies originating from the University of Tokyo exceeded 1 trillion yen in total, including investors and related faculty members. , It is said that the support elements of the most venture companies in Japan are substantial.

 At the training meeting between the University of Tokyo and Keidanren, which was established this time, discussions will be held on two main themes.The first is a strategy for collaborating with large companies before the establishment of products and services for university-launched venture companies with excellent technology.We are considering holding events where both parties meet, and various collaborations other than investment by large companies (support for expanding the IP portfolio necessary for commercialization, dispatching human resources, mentoring, procurement, etc.).The second is a scheme for creating venture companies that utilize the results of joint research between companies and universities.Based on the excellent joint research results, I think it is necessary to take measures to establish a venture company (curve out from a large company, etc.) in collaboration with a university and a large company.

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