The Japan Association of Private Universities (Chairman, Atsushi Seike, President) has put together "Proposals for the Future of Private Universities" that show the values ​​and roles of private universities that are different from national universities and present the direction of university reform. rice field.Formulated by the Federation's Intelligence Center Policy Research Division, it strongly emphasizes the role that private universities should play and the correction of disparities with national universities.

 According to the recommendations, private universities are responsible for 8% of the current higher education.Although the public role of private universities is extremely high and the management base is required to be stable, the ratio of public finance expenditure is significantly different from that of national universities, and there is an urgent need for improvement. increase.

 The abilities that should be developed at a university are not always useful for the present age, and regardless of how the times change, they will utilize the learning methods that they have acquired at the university and exert their creativity toward their goals. He emphasized the achievements of private universities that have achieved results in women's social advancement, sports, volunteering, and internships.In addition, he said that he feels uncomfortable about applying the educational reforms that industry has been demanding from universities since the 1990s to private universities as they are, by raising the difference in educational content from national universities that train the human resources needed by the nation.

 We urge member universities to respond to unprecedented speed of globalization and promote internationally accepted liberal arts education.We urged industry to recognize the importance of a wide range of education, including the humanities and social sciences.

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