Compared to "home examinees" who live in the metropolitan area, "away examinees" who came to Tokyo from a rural area and took an examination at a university in the metropolitan area have greater anxiety and stress other than the examination, and the financial burden is heavier, which is community-led. A survey by the hospitality company Air B & B (USA) revealed.

 The survey was conducted from November 2015th to December 100nd, targeting 100 people living in the metropolitan area and 11 people living in rural areas who took the entrance exam for universities in the metropolitan area in the spring of 26, and compared the two.

 According to the report, the most anxiety and stress felt before taking the university entrance exam was "whether or not the exam questions can be solved" at home 45% and away 39%.The next most common home test taker was "whether or not to oversleep" (32%), but away test takers "many people" (38%), "go to unfamiliar land" (35%), "Is it possible to reach the university?" (33%), suggesting that going to Tokyo itself is a cause of anxiety and stress.As for whether or not they were able to demonstrate their abilities as usual, 45% of home test takers answered that they were able to demonstrate their abilities, while only 31% of away test takers.In addition, 26% of away test takers answered that they could not demonstrate it.

 The average number of days that the away students stayed was 2.4 days.The average cost of accommodation and transportation is 5 yen, which is a considerable financial burden.Among them, the average cost of examinees from Kyushu has reached 6,000 yen, which is a big difference from home examinees with zero accommodation expenses.

reference:Airbnb Co., Ltd.

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