2017% of companies planning to hire new graduates are welcoming that the ban on selection for university graduates in the spring of 2 has been lifted two months ahead of this year to June 6. It was revealed in an emergency company survey of Comprehensive Information Service Disco. 1% of companies answered that they do not welcome, but 40.2% think that it will be difficult to secure applicants.

 The survey was conducted on the Internet from December 1th to 2,731th, targeting 12 major companies nationwide, of which 8 companies planning to hire new graduates responded.

 According to the report, 2016% of the respondents answered "increase" and 18.6% "decrease" compared to FY6.3, and the increasing trend is expected to continue.Regarding the hiring activity period, 2016% of the companies answered that they "on the deadline" in FY21.6, but 2017% answered that they "on the deadline" in FY25.4.The percentage of companies that are active until the second half of the game was 2016% in FY53.7, while it was 2017% in FY38.7.Recruiting activities are likely to be a little shorter.2016% of companies started interviews after the selection ban date in 19.2 and 2017% in 24.6.However, in FY2017, compared to FY2016, the start in March increased by 3 points and the start in April increased by 3.0 points, indicating a tendency toward earlier stages.For companies with 4 to 5.0 employees, 300% plan to start interviews before the opening date, but for companies with more than 999, only half, and 76.8% intend to start in June.

 46.8% of companies expected that hiring activities would be shortened due to the advancement of the hiring ban.For companies with more than 5,000 employees, 63.5% expect a shorter period, while in the IT and information processing industries, 44.5% expect a shorter period.52.1% of the respondents expected that they would not decline the offer.

reference:[Disco Corporation] New recruitment schedule, 4% of companies are "welcome" and "not welcome" are in the 1% range.More than half of the companies expect to struggle to attract applicants-Urgent company survey on new graduate recruitment schedule for 2017 (issued in December 2015)-

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