On December 2015, 12, the top 9 people of the "Global Teacher Prize 2016", which is said to be the Nobel Prize in the educational world, were announced.Kazuya Takahashi, a teacher at Junior and Senior High School (Hachioji, Tokyo) attached to the College of Engineering, was nominated for the first time as a Japanese in recognition of his contribution to the development of global human resources.

 The award is an international award established by the Varkey Foundation, a non-profit educational organization in the United Kingdom.This is the second announcement since it was established, commending those who have made outstanding achievements in the field of education, targeting approximately 148 teachers in 8,000 countries around the world.

 Mr. Takahashi, who was nominated, went to the United States after studying at a graduate school in Japan.I researched "Instruction Design", a methodology for designing and developing the most effective and efficient education.At the same school, he is the homeroom teacher of the hybrid international class (1st grade C group). While utilizing the teaching method using LEGO, he is energetically active such as comparing the languages ​​of humans and chimpanzees and holding a space elevator contest for high school students.Students have visited Indonesia and started projects to tackle social issues with local social entrepreneurs, and have provided guidance aimed at improving skills to become global human resources.It is also highly evaluated that it has influenced other teachers by holding regular workshops both inside and outside the school and sharing the latest practical theory.

 In the future, the award will be narrowed down to 50 candidates who have been selected as the top 10, and will respond to interviews and appear in the media to promote their educational activities.In addition, the winner will be announced at the "The Global Education and Skills Forum" in Dubai in March 2016, and will receive a prize of 3 million dollars (about 100 million yen).
In addition to the teacher Takahashi, the website of the "Global Teacher Prize" also introduces the careers and activities of the 50 selected people, as well as Twitter accounts where you can directly obtain information.

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