Professor Seiichi Kasaoka of Bunkyo University Faculty of Health and Nutrition (Shonan Campus, Kanagawa Prefecture) and seminar students cooperated in creating recipes, and the recipe search site "Halal Recipe Japan" for legal meal "Halal" under Islamic law was launched in November 2015. It was released on the 11th of March.On this site, you can not only search for how to make Japanese food that corresponds to halal, but also point out that things containing ingredients derived from pigs and alcohol are prohibited, and points when choosing ingredients and seasonings etc. Is also introduced.

 This site is the first recipe search site for Muslims (hereinafter referred to as Muslims) in Japan operated by Den Co., Ltd. (Arakawa-ku, Tokyo), and has Muslims living in Japan enjoy Japanese home cooking. It was developed with the desire to exchange different cultures.Also, in the present age when about a quarter of the world is said to be Muslim, there are increasing opportunities to entertain Muslim tourists in Japan, so the purpose is to develop human resources who can understand and cook Muslim food culture. I have.

 At Kasaoka Seminar, we offer more than 40 recipes from home cooking to sweets such as "bonito garlic steak", "handmade dorayaki" and "seafood okonomiyaki" that take into consideration not only halal but also food allergy measures.We plan to increase the number of public recipes in the future.
The seminar was evaluated for its contribution to activities to support Muslim eating habits by providing recipes, and was awarded the "Bunkyo University Academy Publicity of the Year 2015 (*)" Jury Special Award on December 2015, 12. Won the award on the day.

(*) Among the media reports that the name of the school (attached kindergarten to graduate school) came out in the past year, the students of the school chose the ones that they were proud of when they came in contact with the news, and selected the people and groups involved in it. A system to commend.

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