The Kyoto University Co-op has announced in its rental condominium introduction booklet that it will abolish the symbol indicating whether or not international students can move in for each property from FY2016.

 In the property introduction booklet "Kyoto University Student's Residence" issued every year, the Kyoto University Co-op has posted basic information such as rent and the "domestic" symbol, which means "international students can move in", for more than 2016 years. doing.The Kyoto University Co-op has requested the abolition of the symbol from the "Anti-Rasis Information Center (ARIC) Kansai", an organization created by students, saying that "refusal to move in just because you are an international student is discrimination against moving in." In response to this, we have decided to abolish the description of the "remaining" symbol from FYXNUMX.

 Behind the posting of the "domestic" symbol, as the number of foreign students and foreign researchers increases year by year, there are concerns about foreign students moving in due to communication problems and differences in lifestyle. There were many landlords and it was difficult to find a place to live.For this reason, the Kyoto University Co-op holds a "landlord briefing session" for landlords every year, and the "remaining" mark is now displayed for properties of landlords who have an understanding of the occupancy of international students. is.

 In the future, the Kyoto University Co-op will stop displaying the "remaining" mark, and will continue efforts to broaden the understanding and cooperation of landlords and management companies regarding the acceptance of international students in cooperation with the university and government, and for international students. For properties with disadvantageous conditions, we requested improvement of the conditions, and if it could not be improved, we also made it clear that we will not handle the property.

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