Shibaura Institute of Technology has developed novel creation support software that even beginners can easily create a synopsis when writing a novel.

 The novel creation support software was developed by Professor Shunichi Yonemura of the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology, who visualized the sentence structure and vocabulary based on the method of cognitive psychology and the advice of professional novelists, and each writer It is a system that allows you to create a synopsis from "zero" simply by selecting and combining example sentences of a phrase.

 The novel creation support software developed this time solves the problem of the software developed in advance by Professor Yonemura in 2014, "Easy to use for professionals with abundant creative experience and ideas, but difficult for beginners with poor vocabulary and experience". This is a new system with three main functions based on the "Geneplore Model". The first of the three main functions is "exemplify expressions in phrase units" to support the generation of ideas.Expressions often used in novels are displayed as example sentences, and the writer can compose sentences by selecting example sentences.The second is "display the synopsis sentence pattern" that supports the refinement of ideas.The synopsis is composed of 3 lines of "log lines (= short sentences that briefly explain important scenes in the story)", and each phrase is displayed to support the refinement of ideas.The third is "display chapter structure" that enhances the quality of the entire story.We support the story-making by clearly showing the origins and transitions in different colors.Since the chapters and editing results of the novel are always reflected and displayed, you can proceed with your creation while checking the balance of the entire synopsis.

 Currently, the novel creation support software is being improved and the release is undecided, but in the future, we will develop it so that it can be easily operated with smartphones and tablet terminals, and aim to support not only the synopsis but also the writing of novels.

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