LINE Co., Ltd. jointly developed a workshop teaching material "Let's think about fun communication! Card version" for elementary, junior high and high school students to eradicate communication troubles on the Internet with Associate Professor Shingo Shioda, Faculty of Education, Shizuoka University. Distribution of 2 bullets (basic edition, bad talk edition, photo edition, overuse edition) has started.

 LINE Co., Ltd. established a specialized department to raise awareness of net literacy in 2013, and since then, has been at schools and educational institutions nationwide with the aim of eradicating communication problems on the Internet for young people using the communication app "LINE". We hold workshop classes and lecture activities.This "Let's think about fun communication! Card version" developed with Associate Professor Shioda, who specializes in information education, is part of this, and this time it will be the second one following the first one in 2014.

 The second is a redevelopment based on the knowledge gained through the workshop classes held so far, the opinions of faculty and staff, and the results of the questionnaire.Many respondents answered in the questionnaire about "I didn't like using LINE", which was conducted for students and many cases of troubles related to "photographs" were received on the internet. In response to the results such as "long group talk" and "my words are misunderstood by the other party in a talk with a friend", I created 2 patterns of basic, bad talk, photo, and overuse.Each teaching material consists of two parts, "basic" to think about the characteristics of the Internet by making them aware of the problem and "application" to think about how to deal with troubles, and discussions are held using 4 cards for children. We think about how to get along well with the internet.In addition to the card version, there is also a manga version for junior high and high school students, "Troubles of Nanami-Is LINE difficult?"

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