The 2015th Global Seminar was held at Kyorin University (Mitaka City, Tokyo) on December 12, 15.The theme is "Medical Tourism in Thailand-Focusing on the Long-term Care Industry-", and Mr. Roman Klimenko, a lecturer at the Faculty of International Studies, Khon Kaen University in Thailand, will be on stage.15 students and 16 faculty members from the university participated in a seminar on medical tourism in Thai elderly care.

 Mr. Klimenko first touched on the current state of aging worldwide, and introduced that the number of elderly people aged 2050 and over is expected to nearly triple by 60.In response, he said the demand for services for the elderly will continue to grow on a global scale.In particular, the medical expenses of a country with a well-developed welfare system are high, and it is expected that the acceptance of elderly people into Thailand, which is a country where medical expenses are cheaper and friendly to the elderly, will increase. Explained the possibility and issues of whether it is necessary to make such a policy and accept medical tourism.In addition, based on the questionnaire conducted by Mr. Klimenko himself, he talked in detail about the current situation and issues in long-term care facilities in Thailand.

 In the questionnaire after the lecture, "I learned that the problems that are occurring in Japan, which is an aging society, are also occurring overseas", "I was surprised that Thailand has been working on aging so far." There were answers such as "I was made to think again that it would be difficult without language skills in the medical field," and it was a meaningful seminar that was a new discovery for the students of each faculty who participated.

 The university's global seminar is held as part of the "Global Human Resources Development Program", and in the past, the "CLIL (*) Training Report Meeting" held at the University of Queensland, Australia, and effective It is held under various themes such as "American University International Student Acquisition / Selection / Enrollment Management Advanced Case Study Training Report" for recruiting international students.

(*) CLIL (Content & Language Integrated Learning) An approach that integrates subject learning such as science and society with English language learning.It is an educational method that uses English as a learning method to improve practical and applied skills, and has been adopted in many European countries.

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