With the collection of the gymnasium of the Otsuka Special Needs School attached to the University of Tsukuba, we have installed equipment for measuring the movements of children with cameras and wearable devices and performing projection mapping on the floor and playset according to them.With the aim of fostering the sociality of children with developmental disabilities and the ability to express themselves through this "Mirai Gymnasium ™", we will conduct interdisciplinary research that combines information engineering, developmental psychology, and medicine. ..

 In recent years, activities have been carried out around the world with the aim of realizing a system for learning together regardless of the presence or absence of disabilities.One of them is inclusive education, which aims to develop children with disabilities as much as possible toward the realization of an all-participation society in which everyone respects each other's personalities."Mirai Gymnasium ™" equipped with cutting-edge sensing technology such as cameras and wearable terminals aims to be a gymnasium as an environment that promotes creative activities.By measuring children's social behavior and presenting information to individual students using mixed reality technology, we will support the social formation of children with developmental disabilities and conduct research to promote creative activities. It is said that.

 Over the next five years, the project will work as a base for education and research using ICT while building an information environment for future children.If the effect is demonstrated, similar efforts will be spread to special schools nationwide.In addition, if various educational effects are shown in addition to children with developmental disabilities, it may be deployed to schools in various regions in the future.

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