The Japan Association of National Universities (Chairman, Susumu Satomi, President of Tohoku University) has released a proposal stating that the reform of university entrance exams, which is being designed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology expert meeting, should be avoided.We request that the National Center Test for University Admissions (tentative name) be examined based on the verification and evaluation of the current National Center Test for University Admissions.

 According to the Japan Association of National Universities, this proposal was compiled after conducting a questionnaire survey of all national universities.Regarding university entrance exams, he appealed to high schools and students to make them appropriate entrance exams by disseminating accurate information, and said that university reform should be discussed after being consistent with the evaluation of national university corporations.

 In addition, he called for not to fall into a hasty discussion about the academic ability evaluation test for university admissions and the high school basic academic ability test (tentative name), saying that there are a lot of specific issues.Regarding the entrance examinations for individual universities, it is difficult to evaluate all the examinees from multiple perspectives in a short period of time, and each university will implement reforms on the premise of establishing a new entrance examination system.

 In the revision of the entrance examination rules, the new rules that abolish the classification of general entrance examinations, AO entrance examinations, and recommended entrance examinations are required to be a mechanism that can secure opportunities for multiple examinations and diversify selection methods.In developing global human resources, he emphasizes that the curriculum should be reviewed from an international perspective, such as expanding the opportunities for education in English.We requested high schools to acquire basic knowledge and skills for independent activities.
For university entrance examination reform, an expert meeting to promote concrete institutional design was established in February 2015, and an interim summary was announced in September. ..

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