On December 2015, 12, Shobi University (Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture), Faculty of Policy Management, Department of Life Management, held a training lecture by professional boxer Tomomi Takano, who won the title in the Oriental Pacific Championship Championship.He is also active as a model talent and was appointed as a lecturer in the department in June 22.We provide lectures and training guidance in the form of special lectures.In the previous lecture, I made use of my experience as a fashion model and gave practical instruction on model walks.

 The participants this time are 1 first-year students of the same department.In the lecture, we first set up meditation and meditate to unify the spirit.After that, demonstrations were held while communicating with the students from beginning to end, such as abdominal muscle training using a mat and a training method called draw-in that trains the inner muscle at the same time as abdominal breathing.In addition, his boxing trainer will join in to teach boxing steps and how to use the body.It was a lecture unique to him who is an active boxer and also active as a model.

 After the lecture, a female student said, "Mr. Takano is cool as the same woman, so I long for it. Training was difficult, but Mr. Takano actively created a fun atmosphere, so I was able to train with a smile until the end. It was good. ""I'm always in a position to teach myself, so I was very nervous to stand in front of a large number of students and teach something. Today I can teach exercises and training that can be done with a tatami mat. Therefore, I hope that this will be an opportunity for students to incorporate exercise into their daily lives. "

 In addition, Kenta Kobashi, a former professional wrestler known as "Strong Arm" and "Absolute Champion" in the same department, was appointed as a lecturer at the same time.In November 2015, we provided practical guidance on "professional wrestling exercise" in the form of a special lecture.

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