"University Entrance Examination Series", commonly known as "Akamoto", which publishes past questions of the school of choice, is a Kawayanagi named after "Examination". We recruited and decided the first award-winning work from the total of 2303 phrases collected.

 "Small choices that determine life" (made by pointed tomatoes) will be selected for the Excellence Award, and a book card worth 3 yen will be presented.
In addition, one work was selected for the high school student special prize (gift of 5 yen for the book card) and seven works for the honorable mention (gift of 1 yen for the book card).The nine award-winning works will be made into nine types of bookmarks and distributed at Maruzen, Junkudo Bookstore, Kinokuniya Bookstore, Sanseido Bookstore, and Yurindo stores nationwide.

 Mr. Issen Bitou, a senryu writer and managing director of the Senryu Society, is involved in the selection process. There is also a phrase of irony that cannot be said to be "small" for the examinees. It is evaluated as.Also, the author who was selected for the Excellence Award said, "Many people say that their educational background is irrelevant, but even with that in mind, the results of the exam will change the place where they spend the remaining few years. It's about deciding your life. However, the choice of which school or faculty to attend is very small from a lifetime. I think that the situation is very similar to the choice question in the examination. I felt it. "

 Currently, we are accepting applications for the second senryu exam by the deadline of September 2016, 9.

reference:[Kyogakusha] Examination Senryu 1st result announcement/

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