On December 2015, 12, Recruit Holdings held a "trend presentation" to predict trends in each area, and announced that the 15 forecast trend keyword for the academic area is "mutual selection type entrance examination".

 Mutual selection type entrance exams are not the entrance exams that select a university based on the deviation value, but the entrance exams that the students required by the university take.The university emphasizes what kind of human resources development, what kind of motivation students are sought, and how to evaluate it, and high school students who are examinees are the ones that suit them because of the importance of the university. This is related to the fact that the number of entrance exams for university and high school students to make mutual choices is increasing.

 There are five reasons why the number of mutual-choice entrance exams is increasing. "Three elements of academic ability required in the future" and "certain academic ability", "social support (work of the high school connection revolution promoted by the government)", "background of the times-changes in the required human resources image- ((5) from companies" Request (3) High school students' awareness of issues (30) Changes in the university) ”,“ The direction is a multifaceted and comprehensive evaluation of human resources (scholastic ability + motivation) that is in line with the university's philosophy ”,“ Sit first from the front of the classroom, not everyone How to get XNUMX% motivated. "

 In recent years, not only national universities such as Kyushu University and Tohoku University, but also private universities such as International Christian University have been conducting mutual selection type entrance examinations.In addition, from 2016, Ochanomizu University is planning to hold a mutual selection type entrance examination to foster "high potential, sharp, independent students who discover problems by themselves" called "New Humboldt Entrance Examination".In this test, the secondary selection is conducted in the laboratory / library, and instead of simply asking the amount of knowledge, reports are created, presented, discussed, etc., and the overwhelming ability (information search ability, thinking ability, etc.) It has announced that it will evaluate multifaceted evaluation (such as logic building ability).

reference:[Recruit Advancement Research Institute] Announcement! 2016 trend keywords

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