The Japan Science and Technology Agency is promoting the development of immunoregulatory drugs for autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis promoted by Osaka University as a new project of the university-initiated new industry creation program that promotes the research and development and business development of university-launched venture companies in an integrated manner. The case was adopted.The research will start as soon as the contract is completed.

 According to the Japan Science and Technology Agency, projects adopted by companies other than Osaka University are: ▽ Establishment of a protein production system using silkworms by Kyushu University ▽ University of Tsukuba measures the state of swallowing food only by sound and standardizes swallowing ability measurement ▽ University of Tsukuba improves reproductive function of livestock using tomorrow's leaf active ingredient ▽ University of Tokyo develops preventive and therapeutic agents for norovirus infection ▽ Tokyo Institute of Technology develops plasma endoscopic treatment device using multi-gas temperature controlled plasma ▽ Development of medical equipment and drug discovery support tools utilizing the shape processing technology of high-density collagen fibers by the Institute of Agricultural and Biological Resources.This program utilizes human resources with commercialization know-how such as venture capital as business promoters, and aims to create venture companies while building business strategies and intellectual property strategies with researchers.

 From April to July 2015, 4 applications were received from universities and research institutes, and 7 themes that had been continued in the 115st and 1nd cycle examinations were scrutinized, and 2 were made into new projects. I chose.

reference:[Japan College of Social Work] Research Achievement Development Program New Industry Creation Program from University (START) Decision of New Project (27 3rd Cycle Examination)

Tokyo University

Established in the 10th year of the Meiji era.A university with the longest history in Japan and at the forefront of Japanese knowledge

The University of Tokyo was established in 1877 (Meiji 10) by integrating the Tokyo Kaisei School and the Tokyo Medical School.Since its establishment, it has developed education and research in a unique way in the world as a leading university in Japan and an academic center for the fusion of East and West cultures.As a result, many human resources have been produced in a wide range of fields, and many research achievements […]

Osaka University

The "true value" of each person becomes the "evolution" of Osaka University.To a university that lives in the community and extends to the world

Osaka University is a research-based university with 11 faculties and 23 departments. Since its founding in 1931, with the motto of "living in the region and extending to the world," we have created an outstanding "foundation" and "power" that weaves advanced education and research capabilities, the harmony of faculty and staff, and the weight of tradition and the advantage of Osaka. I have.Taking advantage of these excellent potentials […]

Tokyo Institute of Technology

The pinnacle of science and engineering university that continues to produce science and engineering people with high aspirations and a Japanese spirit, mastering the knowledge that creates the times, refining their skills

Tokyo Institute of Technology was established as the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1881 (Meiji 14), when modernization of industry was an urgent need.Since its establishment, it has continued to produce excellent research results with excellent science and engineering human resources, and is still at the top of Japan's science and engineering universities.Tokyo Institute of Technology requires not only a high degree of specialization but also liberal arts […]

University of Tsukuba

Continue to challenge interdisciplinary fusion and internationalization, and develop human resources with intelligence and humanity

University of Tsukuba is the core of Tsukuba Science City, an international city with a high academic and cultural scent.The current education system is 9 groups, 23 classes, and it is possible to take specialized introductory courses from all fields, aiming to have creative intelligence and rich humanity.Solving global issues with soul genius […]

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