Kyushu University has signed a three-party agreement with Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture and Sumitomo Riko (Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, President Toru Matsui) for the purpose of cooperation in health, medical care, and nursing care businesses such as community-based comprehensive care systems. A signing ceremony was held at Kyushu University Ito Campus.

 At the signing ceremony, which was the Inamori Foundation Memorial Hall on the Ito Campus, President Chiharu Kubo of Kyushu University, Mayor Yuji Tsukigata of Itoshima City, and Chairman Yoshiaki Nishimura of Sumitomo Riko signed the agreement.Mayor Tsukigata said, "I want to carry out the project toward the same goal of solving social issues in the region while making the best use of the resources of industry, government and academia." I want to contribute to the safety and security of the company. "President Kubo emphasized, "We would like to improve community welfare in the fields of health, medical care, and long-term care, promote education and research activities, and create industries through this agreement."

 The purpose of the agreement is to promote the creation of a city where the elderly can live alive in a super-aging society.Kyushu University will move into the City Health and Welfare Center Fureai in Itoshima City, and an open lab "Kyushu University Healthcare System Lab Itoshima" will be set up in the spring of 2016 to promote empirical research with Sumitomo Riko.Researchers from Kyushu University and Sumitomo Riko will be stationed there to conduct a demonstration experiment for the practical application of the product under development.

 Kyushu University and Sumitomo Riko started joint research on the prevention of long-term care for the elderly in 2009, and with the cooperation of Itoshima City in introducing subjects and providing fields, this agreement was realized.

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