Parco Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) is with Kyoto Women's University (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture), Faculty of Home Economics, Department of Lifestyle Design, Hiroshi Narumi Laboratory, and Hosei University (Machida City, Tokyo), Faculty of Sociology, Department of Media Sociology, Hiroyuki Fujishiro Laboratory. In collaboration, we carry out "fixed point observation" of fashion culture in each city of Kyoto City and Seoul Special City, South Korea.

 In this project, the editorial department of "ACROSS", the think tank division of the fashion culture of the company, puts into practice and applies the theory of the original fieldwork "fixed point observation" that has been carried out every month mainly in Tokyo since August 1980. This is a research activity conducted jointly with other companies and organizations for the purpose of doing so. Since 8, it has been outsourced to other companies and organizations, but in 2000, which is the 36th year, it will be a collaborative project between industry and academia while exchanging knowledge with each other in consultation with university laboratories. Start. It was held on November 2015, 2015 in Kyoto and the Seoul Special Zone in South Korea.

 The results of "fixed point observation" have already been published in the online magazine "ACROSS" for Tokyo, and other points will be published at any time in January 2015.The purpose of this initiative is for the laboratories and students of each university to actually go out to the city and perform "fixed point observation" to learn about the actual situation of street fashion trends, communication skills, and cultures of other regions. On the other hand, for the company, it is a project related to the three fields of "next generation," "culture," and "region" among the four pillars of CSR activities.

 In the future, we plan to continue to implement it twice a year, with joint research presentations planned.Regarding New York, we asked contract writer Ryo Miyamoto to carry out the survey twice a year since December 2, and this fall we will conduct the fifth inspection on November 2013, 12, in line with Kyoto and Seoul. The we. A comparative analysis at four points will be posted as an article in the near future.

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