At Rikkyo University, a symposium "Challenge from 50 birds, future marine conservation learned from albatross" by Hiroshi Hasegawa (Professor Emeritus, Toho University) who has contributed to the conservation ecological research and conservation and proliferation of albatrosses that have decreased to the point of extinction 2016 It will be held on January 1th of the year.

After majoring in animal ecology at the Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University, Hiroshi Hasegawa became an assistant in the Marine Biology Laboratory, Faculty of Science, Toho University in 1977, and was involved in the conservation and reproduction research of the endangered albatross inhabiting Torishima, Izu Islands. I have been working on it for many years. In July 2015, in recognition of his outstanding achievements, he received the 7th Marine Nation Achievement Award (Natural Environment Conservation Category) *.This symposium will be held in commemoration of the award, including Mr. Hasegawa and Mr. Hiroshi Minami, who conducts biological research on sea birds and sea turtles at the National Research and Development Corporation Fisheries Research Center. We invite people involved in marine biodiversity conservation to think about future marine biodiversity.

The program includes a lecture by Hiroshi Hasegawa, "Challenge from 50 birds: 40 years of continuous albatross research and conservation," and a lecture by Hiroshi Minami, "Efforts to avoid mixed catches: Conservation of marine ecosystems." And a panel discussion "Thinking about future conservation of marine biodiversity from albatross conservation cases" are planned.Participation fee is free and no prior application is required.The venue is Rikkyo University Mckim Hall (Building No. 15) MB01 classroom.

* The Marine Nation Achievement Award recognizes individuals and groups who have made outstanding achievements in a wide range of fields related to the ocean such as science and technology, fisheries, maritime affairs, and the environment, as well as academic / research and industrial promotion. Installed in 2008 for the purpose of widespread introduction.The award will be given by the Prime Minister.

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