The Tokyo Advertising Association has announced the results of a survey of "life behavior using SNS of university students" conducted by the "university student awareness survey project" that the university students themselves research.

 The College Student Awareness Survey Project is a "College Student Awareness Survey" conducted by a group of seminar students who are professors in charge of advertising and marketing at five universities in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and has been ongoing since 5.The university students themselves carry out all the planning, implementation, and analysis of the survey, and the Tokyo Advertising Association provides guidance and subsidies for surveys and tabulation techniques.

 The theme of this survey is "living behavior using SNS".Focusing on the background of university students' use of SNS, especially "photographs" that are often used by university students such as selfies, the behavior model of university students in the SNS era is based on the three keywords of "photograph", "SNS", and "human relations". It was done for the purpose of clarifying.The survey period is from July 3th to July 2015st, 7, and the survey targets are 14 male and female students of 7st to 31th grade who are enrolled in 6 universities in the metropolitan area such as Aoyama Gakuin University, Komazawa University, and Sophia University.

 According to the survey, 28.9% of the respondents answered that they would like to connect with a large number of friends shallowly and widely, while 71.1% answered that they would like to connect with a small number of friends narrowly and deeply.The most frequently used SNS tools were LINE 99.5%, Twitter 92.4%, and Facebook 70.6%, followed by the recently popular image posting / viewing service "Instagram" at 63.3%.Based on these results, the College Student Awareness Survey Project is a “Small” Networking Srevice for college students not to connect widely with the world, but to connect narrowly and deeply with close friends, and process photos taken with mobile phones.・ I analyzed that it is a "photo-filling" orientation that deepens friendship by posting and appeals the fulfillment of one's life.

Reference: [Tokyo Advertising Association] College Student Awareness Survey

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