At the University of Tokyo, international students play a central role in launching the "T-Party Project," a project to design original Todai T-shirts, and a voting event to select the best work will be held on December 2015, 12 at the Hongo Campus. I was.

 The "T-Party Project" was launched by an international student who couldn't find the Todai T-shirt he wanted, calling on other international students and Japanese students to participate in the "2nd University of Tokyo International Exchange Event Planning Contest". It was adopted. In the "University of Tokyo International Exchange Event Planning Contest", people from different backgrounds cooperate to plan, negotiate, prepare for implementation, etc., and acquire the qualities required by society such as management ability and communication ability. It is intended to provide opportunities to students and faculty members.The application conditions include those in which about half or more of the foreign students belonging to the University of Tokyo are expected to participate, and foreigners of multiple nationalities are expected to participate.The University of Tokyo International Headquarters will make a selection, and the university will bear the necessary expenses (about 50 yen) for an excellent project.

 Six teams entered the "T-Party Project", and international students from all over the world, including Germany, Morocco, and Norway, designed the original Todai T-shirt in cooperation with Japanese students.We used Facebook to announce design proposals and vote, and held an exchange event that also served as a final vote.In the future, in the "T-Party Project", we are planning to sell the T-shirts selected as the best works at the co-op.

 In addition, the University of Tokyo is planning to hold a cultural exchange event sponsored by the Sri Lanka International Student Association, which was adopted in the International Exchange Event Planning Contest, for students and faculty members of the University of Tokyo.

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