The Agency for Cultural Affairs has announced that it will present the 2015 Arts Festival Awards to 21 individuals and 15 organizations, and Osaka College of Music is the only university to receive the Excellence Award in the music category.The university has won the grand prize in 2005, 2011 and 2014, which is the second consecutive year.

 The Agency for Cultural Affairs has been holding an art festival every year since 1946 in order to promote the creation and development of art, provide opportunities for the general public to appreciate excellent works of art, and contribute to the improvement and promotion of Japanese culture. The 2015 Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival Awards were given to 2015 plays, 10 music, and 2 dances performed in Kanto and Kansai from October 11 to November 10, 52. Participating performances of 41 popular performing arts, 28 TV dramas, 47 TV documentaries, 10 radios and 1 records broadcast from October 11st to November 30th.Based on high originality and planning, the grand prize, excellence award, and newcomer award were judged for each category.

 The work selected for the grand prize in the music category is the performance of "Kamakura Sandaiki" by Mr. Komanosuke Takemoto, a living national treasure of Gidayubushi Joruri. The 30th anniversary of Wakae's debut-Autumn-performance, the recital of shakuhachi player Toshimitsu Ishikawa, and the opera performance "Falstaff" of Osaka College of Music were selected.

 The reasons for receiving the award for the opera performance at Osaka College of Music are as follows.
"It was highly praised that the performance and the production were well meshed to realize a stage that can be enjoyed from the bottom of my heart. At the beginning, each person's characteristics were well demonstrated. There were some doubts about the cast of the women, and there were some concerns such as the sound of the orchestra coming out too far, but it was a performance suitable for the excellence award. That is the consensus of the public. "

 The presentation ceremony of the Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival Awards will be held on January 2016st and February 1th, 21, and the trophies and prize money (Grand Prize: 2 yen, Excellence Award: 8 yen, New Face Award: 60 yen) will be awarded. Awarded.
Reference: [Agency for Cultural Affairs] Regarding the decision of the Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival Award in 27 (70th)

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