The "Children's All Project" is a project in which educational sites and researchers work together to solve children's mental problems such as school refusal, bullying, and sharp children.Instead of focusing on problem behavior, we focus on the mental development behind it, and try to understand and support children.The kick-off symposium will be held on January 2016, 1 at the lecture hall of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and nine universities (Osaka University, Kanazawa University, Hamamatsu Medical University, Chiba University, Fukui University, Tottori University, Hiromae University, Hyogo University of Education, Mukogawa Women's University) will participate in the "Children's Everyone Project". For example, the board of education of the local government where the participating universities are located.The project collects information not only on the number of children's problems occurring in the field of education, but also on the background, causes, and relationships with mental development, and holds regular study meetings with educators and researchers. In addition, regarding the issue of how to respond to the explosive expression of children's emotions and how to grasp and respond to the internalized stress, the data accumulated in the educational field was taken into consideration for personal information. We will open it to researchers above, proceed with research and verification, and develop scientifically-based support programs, teaching materials, and teacher training programs.

 The affiliated universities have been conducting basic research and practical activities on child development and education, and since 2010, Kanazawa University has opened an "Autism Cafe" where parties, families, citizens, and experts can freely gather. Held every other month in Kanazawa City, at Chiba University, education and research to support the promotion of mental health according to the developmental stage at school, at Hirosaki University, early detection and continuous understanding and support of developmental disorders in 5-year-old child developmental medical examinations And so on.

 At the kick-off symposium to be held this time, experts will explain the importance and effects of the project in an easy-to-understand manner.Participation fee is free, but advance application is required.Capacity is 300 people.

Reference: [Children's Project] Initiatives and research results of each university

Osaka University

The "true value" of each person becomes the "evolution" of Osaka University.To a university that lives in the community and extends to the world

Osaka University is a research-based university with 11 faculties and 23 departments. Since its founding in 1931, with the motto of "living in the region and extending to the world," we have created an outstanding "foundation" and "power" that weaves advanced education and research capabilities, the harmony of faculty and staff, and the weight of tradition and the advantage of Osaka. I have.Taking advantage of these excellent potentials […]

Chiba University

Fostering human resources who will open up the next generation.To a future-oriented university that shines in the world

Chiba University has 10 faculties, 7 graduate schools / faculties, and a large number of affiliated facilities, and has specialized knowledge and skills, high problem-solving ability, high intelligence, ethical standards, and rich humanity, and has an interdisciplinary perspective. We aim to develop human resources who can play an active role internationally.Actively promote the enhancement of liberal arts education and the internationalization of educational activities, which are the basis of this […]

Hyogo University of Education

Future education is born from here.Aiming to be a top runner in teacher education

In order to train "teachers who can continue to learn" for a lifetime with excellent practical and human skills, we have set up a variety of learning venues according to the deepening of each student's learning.Over the four years from the beginning of enrollment, we have systematically arranged various types of educational training and cultivated practical skills in subject guidance and class management through abundant on-site experience […].

Hamamatsu Medical University

Fostering high-quality medical personnel, disseminating original research results to the world, and playing a central role in regional medical care

Hamamatsu University School of Medicine should not only acquire basic knowledge and skills related to medicine and nursing, but also acquire problem-solving abilities and self-study attitudes and habits, respect medical ethics, and contribute to people's health. We aim to develop medical professionals who are proud of.Both medical and nursing students who take advantage of the characteristics of the medical university […]

Kanazawa University

Flexible and flexible learning of specialized knowledge in a wide range of fields.Fostering human resources who will lead the global society

Kanazawa University, which boasts a history and tradition of more than 150 years, has a basic philosophy of "a research university that emphasizes education that is open to the region and the world," and is rich in humanity with specialized knowledge, problem-seeking ability, international sense, and ethical standards. By fostering talented human resources, we aim to become a "Kanazawa University that lives globally" and a "knowledge base in East Asia" [...]

Hirosaki University

Fostering "ability to see, solve, and continue learning" that develops "scholastic ability, action ability, and motivation"

Hirosaki University is a national university founded in 24.It consists of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychological Support Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, and Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences.Fostering students' intellect, humanity and sociality through independent and active intellectual inquiry of students […]

Fukui University

Fostering excellent human resources who can play an active role as highly specialized professionals in the global society of the 21st century

The University of Fukui has a philosophy of "opening up the future of people and society through qualification", and as a center of science and culture, under high ethical standards, it is a world-class science and technology for people to live in good health. Promote education and research and develop human resources who can contribute to the region, country and international society.In the fields of education, medicine, and engineering, the ground […]

Mukogawa Women's University

Taking advantage of the strengths of women's universities, we train "female power to draw a lifetime."

Mukogawa Gakuin, which celebrated its 2019th anniversary in 80, has an educational philosophy of fostering women with "high intelligence, good emotions, and graceful morality" in the ideal "spirit of learning". It is listed.With a wide range of 10 faculties and 17 departments, from science to art, you can expand your possibilities with your own will and ability to act and open up your life […]

Tottori University

Fusion of knowledge and practice.Developing education based on modern culture and human power

Based on the basic philosophy of "Fusion of knowledge and practice," Tottori University aims to solve problems in local communities and understand the international community through education based on the modern culture and human power necessary for that era. We are working to develop well-educated human resources who can be the core.With 4 general universities of regional faculties, medical faculties, engineering faculties, and agriculture faculties […]

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