Kagawa University and Fujitsu (President Tatsuya Tanaka, Tokyo), a comprehensive electronics manufacturer, have started a joint research project on ICT utilization at four special needs schools in Kagawa Prefecture with the cooperation of the Kagawa Prefectural Board of Education. rice field. Following the enforcement of the Disability Discrimination Elimination Law from April 4, we aim to build a system where children can learn together regardless of their disabilities.

 According to Fujitsu, the joint research period is until the end of March.Takamatsu School for the Disabled (Children with Physical Disabilities), Zentsuji School for the Disabled (Children with Sickness), Kagawa Chubu School for the Disabled in Takamatsu City (Children with Intellectual Disabilities), Kagawa Western School for the Disabled in Kannonji City (Children with Intellectual Disabilities) ) At 3 prefectural support schools, we will improve the ICT environment for 4 classes from elementary school to high school, and have children and students use it for subject study, life unit study, and independence activities.Fujitsu evaluates the provision of an ICT environment, and Kagawa University evaluates the advice and effectiveness of special school teachers.
The software provided by Fujitsu has already been developed, such as a tool for supporting primary and secondary education teachers that efficiently manages lesson preparation and learning history, and a tool with functions that help improve motor function and perceptual integration ability. In addition, there will be new developments that will allow children with developmental and intellectual disabilities to express their feelings on their own.

 Following the enforcement of the Disability Discrimination Elimination Law, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is rushing to build an inclusive education system where children with disabilities and children without disabilities can learn together in order to achieve equality in education.Since the use of ICT is effective for achieving this, this joint research is likely to attract the attention of those involved.

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