Takashi Onishi, Chairman of the Science Council of Japan (President of Toyohashi University of Technology), announced a new year's message calling for the promotion of university reform.As Japanese universities are shrinking due to the declining birthrate, each university must promote internationalization, but after pointing out that the international isolation of universities is progressing, various internationalization strategies adapted to the times Emphasizes the need to launch.

 Mr. Onishi said that the 2015-year-old population was declining due to the declining birthrate and internationalization in response to the fact that the discussion that originated in the disregard of the humanities and social sciences in June 6 has evolved into a discussion related to Japanese universities themselves. Analyzing the current situation that Japanese universities are approaching a major turning point due to the flow of students accompanying the situation.The title of the academic forum held early in the new year included the phrase "in the midst of declining birthrate and internationalization," and the Science Council of Japan made a positive statement on this issue.
As for measures against the declining birthrate, even if only young Japanese university students are targeted, it is inevitable that the number will decrease significantly in the future, so it is necessary to seriously tackle the re-learning of working adults, going on to graduate school for female students, and increasing the number of international students. I am appealing to each university that there is.

 As for internationalization measures, while the number of international students in the world is about to exceed 400 million, the number of international students to Japan is only about 6, pointing out that it is on a downward trend, and the globalization of Japanese universities is on track. I considered the point that I did not have it as a problem.For this reason, the Science Council of Japan also explored the path that the university should aim for, such as the spread of bilingual education in both English and Japanese, and the expansion of employment of international students in Japan, and expressed its intention to propose reforms.

reference:[Science Council of Japan] Message from the President (Promotion of University Reform)

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