In the "Asteroid Bulletin (MPC2015)" published by the International Astronomical Union (IAU Headquarters Paris) on September 9, 28, an asteroid with a diameter of 95803 km that orbits between Mars and Jupiter is Otemae University (Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture). It was named after "Otemaedaigaku".This is the second time that a Japanese university has been named on an asteroid after Ehime University, and it is the first time for a private university.

 This is the 1993 asteroid discovered in September 9 by amateur astronomers Kin Endate and Kazuro Watanabe at a private astronomer in Kitami City, Hokkaido.The two have discovered more than 16,644 asteroids so far.Mr. Endate, who lives in Abashiri-gun, Hokkaido, is actively searching and observing asteroids and exoplanets besides his main business of woodworking.Mr. Watanabe lives in Sapporo and is the chief of the asteroid section of the NPO Toa Astronomical Association, and is active as a leader of asteroid searchers in Japan.

 Regarding the naming of this asteroid, Yoshihiro Yamada, a part-time lecturer at the Correspondence Education Department of the same university and the president of the Oriental Astronomical Association of Japan, consulted with Ichiro Hasegawa, a former professor of the same university, to make a proposal when celebrating the 2016th anniversary of the university in 50.Mr. Watanabe applied to the International Astronomical Union Asteroid Center (Massachusetts, USA) and announced the name.Mr. Yamada delivered the "Asteroid Naming Memorial Amount" from the Union to President Kaname Fukui and President Takao Kashiwagi of the school, and the school presented Mr. Yamada with a letter of appreciation.
The emblem of the university's women's college was shaped like a star with the idea of ​​"immortality," but it was changed due to co-education.The university said that the revival of the relationship with the stars this time was "the thoughts of the university were in orbit after 50 years."

 Asteroid naming is introduced in detail in the January 2016 issue of "Monthly Astronomical Guide" (Seibundo Shinkosha), which is currently on sale.

Otemae University

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