A research group led by Professor Tetsuya Takahashi and Professor Yoshio Mitsube of the Center for Child and Mental Development, Kanazawa University, has succeeded in capturing the characteristics of brain activity in children with autism spectrum disorders.By using the newly developed pediatric magnetoencephalogram (MEG) and complexity analysis technology, the research group was able to show the relationship between the neurological network and symptoms of children with autism spectrum disorders for the first time in the world. ..

 Interpersonal relationships and communication developmental disorders are the main symptoms of childhood autism spectrum disorders, but little was known about the brain function of children with autism spectrum disorders.Overactivity of the neural network has been pointed out as one of the characteristics, and in this study, brain activity while watching DVDs for children with autism spectrum disorders and healthy children aged 3 to 9 years. Was measured.As a result, in children with autism spectrum disorders, neural network activity in some parts of the brain was overactive, and decreased activity was observed in the anterior part of the brain.Decreased activity in the anterior part of the brain was found to be associated with poor communication skills.

 The infant magnetometer used this time can measure brain function in a short time of about 5 minutes without any pain like when measuring brain waves, so it will be possible to apply it to mass screening in the future. increase.

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