The National Federation of University Co-ops has announced the results of the "2015 Survey of New Students Asked by Parents" targeting parents of new students.

 This annual survey investigates the cost of new students to enroll, parents' awareness of the university, and evaluation of the efforts of the university co-operatives, and during the period from April to May 2015, 4 The survey was conducted for 5 parents of new students (undergraduate students) who entered the university.

 According to the survey results, the cost from taking the "home student" to admission is 1,049,000 yen (increase / decrease-35,400 yen) for national and public schools and 1,348,200 yen (increase / decrease +66,900 yen) for private schools. The cost from taking the boarding house to admission is 1,768,000 yen for national and public schools (-18,900 yen increase and decrease) and 2,058,500 yen for private schools (+9,300 yen for increase and decrease).Of the costs incurred, the total cost of purchasing new daily necessities for "boarding house students" was 309,100 yen, which was in the 2008 yen range for the first time in seven years since 7, the highest amount since the survey started.This increase is believed to have been significantly affected by the consumption tax hike in April 30.

 In addition, parents' expectations for the university they entered are "strengthening education for specialized knowledge 59.3%", "strengthening support for employment 51.7%", and "strengthening general education as a member of society 45.5%". ..Among them, "strengthening support for employment" decreased by 2013 points from 11.3 as a whole, and in the liberal arts department, it decreased by 13.1 points, which was a particularly large decrease.On the other hand, "strengthening general education as a member of society" is 50.3% for liberal arts, 42.1% for science and engineering, and 33.2% for medical and dental medicine. Against the background of the turnaround, the demand for "employment support" by liberal arts parents has settled down, and there has been a tendency for expectations for adult education based on job hunting to increase.

Reference: [University Co-op] Summary report of "19,577 New Student Survey to Ask Parents" from 2015 parents of new students

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