The Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University will provide virtual experience content using 2020D maps to the online open campus "OPEN CAMPUS 8" of Osaka University, which will be held from August 3 to 16, 2020.

 Osaka University held an open campus for each faculty every year, but in 2020, it will hold the "App de Open Campus" for the first time.The "My Handai App", which was previously limited to the campus, will be open to the public, and contents such as "Undergraduate Introduction", "Mock Class", and "Research Introduction" will be provided for a limited time from noon to 8th August.The Graduate School of Information Science has constructed a 3D map that allows "visiting the graduate school in VR".

 You can freely visit some research buildings on the 3D map, and you can virtually walk around the courtyard.Furthermore, if you access the message video of a young researcher from the map, you can know the daily life of the young researcher, what kind of research you are doing, and what you are aiming for.On August 8th, the final day, there will be a counseling room where you can consult directly with researchers using the Web conferencing system.

 Osaka University has the second highest research ability in the field of information science in Japan (based on indicators such as the number of papers and the number of citations from the Clarivate Analytics database).In addition, the amount of Kakenhi earned is also currently the second largest in Japan, and it has particular strengths in software and networks.However, many of the various university rankings that are popular in the media are evaluated on a university-by-university basis, and the current situation is that the abilities of each research field are not fully communicated.

 In particular, the Graduate School of Information Science, which does not have a direct faculty, has limited contact points with high school students.For this reason, Osaka University was one of the first to institutionalize a "mother school visit program" in which students visit their high school to convey their activities, but they were forced to refrain from activities due to the new coronavirus.

 By utilizing cutting-edge information technology like this, it is significant that we will be able to have closer exchanges with high school students who are aiming to play an active role in the field of information science and technology in the future.The Graduate School of Information Science will continue to enhance the content, not limited to the open campus period.

The 3D map can be accessed from the event section of the graduate school homepage.

reference:Osaka University OPEN CAMPUS
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University

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