A group of Keio University Medical Hyakuju Research Center, Kumamoto University, Gifu Pharmaceutical University and others has conducted a biomarker of cardiovascular disease by a cohort study of elderly people including "Super Sentinalians" who are over 110 years old. And found that plasma albumin is associated with ultimate longevity.

 In recent years, the population of the elderly over 100 years has increased due to global longevity, but the number of super sentinarians is still rare, and by what biological mechanism the ultimate longevity is achieved. I don't know if it is.


 As a result, it was found that the neuroendocrine factor NT-proBNP, which is a biomarker of heart failure, is significantly associated with the prognosis of longevity independently of the risk of cardiovascular disease.In particular, it is strongly related to life expectancy after the age of 105, and it was found that the lower the blood concentration of this substance, the higher the possibility of reaching the age of 110 or older.

 It was also found that plasma albumin concentration, which reflects nutritional status and is important as a predictor of prognosis in the elderly, is associated with total mortality in all age groups, and that the lower the albumin concentration, the higher the total mortality rate in all age groups. rice field.

 This study reveals some of the biological characteristics of ultra-longevity people who are approaching their lifespan, and is expected to lead to the development of preventive and new treatments for cardiovascular disease in the elderly. NS.

Paper information:[Nature Communications]: Associations of Cardiovascular Biomarkers and Plasma Albumin with Exceptional Survival to the Highest Ages

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