Kogakuin University (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architectural Design Associate Professor Shoko Tominaga designed the archery hall / boxing hall (Hachioji Campus), which won the bronze prize at the "IOC / IAKS Award 2015", January 2016, 1. It was announced by Nichido University.

 This award is an international architectural award sponsored by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and IAKS (International Sports and Leisure Facilities Association) to recognize outstanding sports and leisure facilities in the world.This time, 129 projects were submitted from Canada, Brazil, Australia, Germany, etc.The submitted works will be judged in each of the six categories, and the archery and boxing fields of the university will have a design that beautifully sublimates traditional Japanese architecture in the category of "outdoor facilities for sports, leisure and recreation". Received the bronze award in recognition.

 The award-winning facility is the university's first wooden building completed in June 125 as part of a commemorative project to commemorate the 2013th anniversary of the school's founding, with a total floor area of ​​6 square meters for archery and 139 square meters for boxing.While elaborating the design, it also ensures safety at low cost.The main features are "material" and "composition", and "material" is cost by actively utilizing domestically produced food-damaging materials and small-diameter materials that are not usually on the market, and requesting a part of processing to a local contractor. Was suppressed.
In order to make the best use of these limited varieties of "materials", both facilities have adopted a "composition" that combines the tradition of Japanese architecture with modern rationality.The Kyudo hall has a lattice structure that mainly uses small-diameter materials, and the boxing hall has a corbel structure that mainly uses food-damaging materials.Both follow the horizontal and vertical beauty of Japanese architecture, and technically both distribute the load while realizing a simple joint with screws and screws.

 Both facilities have also received numerous international awards, including the 2015 AIJ Prize (work).

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Starting with the opening of Japan's first "Faculty of Architecture" in 2011, the "Faculty of Advanced Engineering" was established in 2015. With the birth of the "Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering *" in the Faculty of Engineering, we are constantly reforming in line with the times.In addition, Hachioji Camper […]

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