Kyoto Institute of Technology has started joint development of a CBT method (Note) English speaking test system with the cooperation of Kyukyubin (President, Yorimitsu Fujioka, Tokyo), who operates the online English conversation circle QQ English.Kyoto Institute of Technology plans to utilize the CBT method test using the development system for entrance examinations of universities and graduate schools in the future.

 According to Kyukyubin, Kyoto Institute of Technology conducted a CBT speaking test at the Matsuzaki Campus in December 2015 for about 12 first-year students as part of the development of a new system.The voice responses collected in this test will be graded online by native speakers who teach English at Japanese universities and non-native speakers at the QQ English office in Cebu, Philippines.

 The goal of these attempts is to develop a test to evaluate English proficiency as an international language, conduct tests in line with the sophistication of IT and academic ability measurement technology, and build a scoring system. In the university entrance examination reform scheduled for 2020, the use of external English tests is encouraged, and Kyoto Institute of Technology will introduce the English speaking test from the 2017 AO entrance examination and the 2018 graduate school entrance examination at the earliest. I want to.
(Note) CBT method A test method that answers the test questions displayed on a personal computer using a mouse or keyboard.

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