The online learning service "Examination Supplement" provided by Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. won the first place overall in the 2016 Oricon Japan Customer Satisfaction Ranking "Correspondence Education / Online Learning (for high school students)" announced by Oricon Co., Ltd. ..

 This Oricon Japan Customer Satisfaction Survey is an independent customer satisfaction survey conducted by Oricon Co., Ltd., which surveys and visualizes user satisfaction with services and products from various evaluation items, and selects services and products. It is an index of.In this survey, men and women aged 3 to 3 (excluding junior high school students) who have taken distance learning or online learning for high school students for 3 months or more, or who have taken 15 months or more within 22 years. It was conducted for 683 people.

 "Examination supplement", which ranked first overall in "correspondence education / online learning (for high school students)", allows you to watch more than 1 lecture videos of professional prep school instructors for 2,000 yen (tax excluded) per month.In addition, it is an online learning service for high school students who can download past university entrance exam questions for free, and the number of paying members has exceeded 980 (as of the end of December 20).In the Japan Customer Satisfaction Survey, 2015 out of 12 items, "admission procedure", "ease of learning", "learning follow-up system", "learning effect", "appropriate tuition fee", and "support service" ranked first. It became the first place overall.Also, in this ranking, "Z-kai" was ranked second overall after "examination supplement", and "Shinkenzemi High School Course" was ranked third.

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