The University of Aizu has won the right to participate in the World Congress of the ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest to be held in Thailand in May 2016.

 The ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest is a global programming contest for university students sponsored by ACM * (Association for Computing Machinery) and started in 1976.It is the only competition in the world to compete for programming skills of university students, and the universities and teams participating in the world competition are highly evaluated both at home and abroad.In the contest, three students from one team compete to solve as many problems as possible within the time limit.

 The University of Aizu team Final Zukky will participate in the world championships.The leaders are Kazuki Otomo (2nd year graduate school), Tadamasa Yamaguchi (3rd year Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering), and Takumi Yamashita (2nd year Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering).So far, Team Final Zukky has won 3th place in the Tsukuba Tournament on November 2015, 11 (29th place by university, 6nd place by domestic university) in the Asian preliminary round of the programming contest, December 5-2, 2015. At the Singapore tournament, I was ranked 12th (9th by university), and as a result of the selection, I got the right to participate in the world tournament to be held at Songkla University of Songkla University in Thailand from May 11th to 12th, 8.This is the second time that the University of Aizu team has participated in the world championships for the first time in seven years since 2016.

* ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Established in 1947, an international conference in the field of computer science based in the United States>

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