Keio University announced on January 2016, 1 that the number of successful applicants from Keio University has been ranked first for 15 consecutive years in the 2015 Certified Accountant Examination *.


 Keio University's unique efforts are behind the production of many people who have passed the certified accountant examination, which is the top for 41 consecutive years.Keio University established an accounting laboratory in the Faculty of Commerce in 1980 for students aiming to acquire certified accountant and tax accountant qualifications.Since then, it has opened its doors to students outside the faculty, and in addition to full-time faculty members, certified accountants and faculty members from other universities are actively invited to distribute and correct problems to cultivate basic academic ability. We have been focusing on supporting students to acquire qualifications.

* The Certified Accountant Examination is a national examination of the highest peak of accounting system conducted by the Certified Accountant / Audit Examination Committee every year, and anyone can take it without any restrictions on age, gender, and educational background.The test is two times in one stage, with a short-answer test (1 subjects) and a dissertation-type test (2 subjects).

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