At Nagoya University of Commerce, a report meeting was held by the participating students of the Gap Year Study Abroad, who are now in their 11th year.

 The gap year study abroad program conducted by Nagoya University of Commerce is for students to set their own themes and conduct surveys and volunteer activities while traveling around Europe for about 70 days. It started more than 10 years ago, and this time it is the 11th grade.This study abroad program is based on the customs that have already been established in Europe, and by experiencing life abroad, it will lead to motivation for studying and motivation for future planning, and will give a global perspective. The purpose is to develop human resources who have it.

 Participants in the gap year study abroad will be determined by interviews and other screenings, and a total of approximately 1 yen per person will be paid as a scholarship, including round-trip airfare to the city where the training started in Europe and local accommodation expenses.Participants are recruited as soon as admission to the university is decided, and the credits to be accredited are up to 40 credits in liberal arts education subjects based on comprehensive evaluation of pre- and post-training and reports submitted after returning to Japan. It has become.

 The 2015th gen members who returned from studying abroad in the gap year in December 12 have investigated the differences between Europe and Japan in their respective ways, with themes such as "regional revitalization," "green tourism," and "fashion."At Nagoya University of Commerce, I hope that the confidence and challenging spirit gained from the experience of studying abroad in a gap year will be utilized to develop human resources who can play an active role in the world.

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