The National Center for University Entrance Examinations has decided not to adjust the score in the 2016 National Center for University Entrance Examinations.The score adjustment is when the average score difference of 1 points or more is generated between each subject of geography history, civilian, and science 2 that more than 20 people took in the center test, and it is judged that the difficulty of the test question is the cause. However, there was no applicable subject this time.

 According to the National Center for University Entrance Examinations, based on the interim results of the average scores for each subject, the difference of 20 points or more in this test was science 2 biology and earth science. Although there was a difference of 23.66 points, the number of earth science examinees was 2,114, which was less than 1, so it was excluded from the score adjustment.
Other than that, the biggest difference was in geography history with World History B and Geography B at 7.15 points, civilian with 8.12 points for politics / economy and ethics, and science 2 with 9.12 points for biology and chemistry.There was no difference of 20 points or more in any of them.
In the 2015 center test, there was a score adjustment in Science 2, and 8 points were added to the biological test takers.For this reason, some examinees complained that they felt unfair.
 The average score for the 2016 Center Test will be finalized on February 2, and a transcript will be sent after April 4.

reference:[National Center for University Entrance Examinations] Score adjustment for the 28 National Center for University Entrance Examinations (PDF)

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