According to the summary of the Tokyo Board of Education, the application rate for the International Baccalaureate Course at the Tokyo Metropolitan International High School in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, where you can obtain the "International Baccalaureate" qualification for university entrance exams in Japan and overseas, has increased to 4.70 times.20 people applied for the recruitment of 94 people including Japanese and foreigners, showing the high popularity.

 According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, the International Baccalaureate Course for International High School has 20 recruitment, 15 for Japanese and 5 for foreigners.A total of 29 Japanese applicants, 38 boys and 67 girls, and 10 foreigners, 17 boys and 27 girls, applied.The application rate is 4.47 times for Japanese and 5.40 times for foreigners.

 International Baccalaureate is an international educational program provided by the International Baccalaureate Organization (Headquarters, Geneva).It is provided for the purpose of giving students internationally accepted university entrance examination qualifications and the International Baccalaureate, and securing a university entrance route.

 In addition, the metropolitan high school entrance exams for foreign students in Tokyo include Takenodai High School in Arakawa Ward, Minami Katsushika High School in Katsushika Ward, Asuka High School in Kita Ward, and Tagara High School in Nerima Ward. This is a course, and 70 people applied for a total of 122 recruitment staff.The overall application rate is 1.74 times.By school, Takenodai is 1.93 times, Minami Katsushika is 0.80 times, Asuka is 1.85 times, and Tagara is 2.00 times for regular courses and 2.29 times for foreign culture courses, for a total of 2.20 times.

reference:[Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education] 28 Tokyo Metropolitan High School Enrollment Selection Application Status (Final application for International Baccalaureate Course and foreign students in Tokyo (Takenodai High School, Tagara High School, Minami Katsushika High School and Asuka High School))

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