On January 2015, 1, Toyo University (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) announced the winning works of "Hundred People Isshu of Contemporary Students".From a large number of tanka songs with a total of 15 entries, 56,972 works selected from the general section (junior high school to university students) and 100 excellent works from the elementary school section were selected.

 "Hundred People Isshu of Contemporary Students" started in 100 as a commemorative event for the 1987th anniversary of the university's founding.The tanka submitted is sung every year from the perspective of a student who expresses the changing times, changes in feelings, and the unchanging heart of compassion, and this year marks the 29th time.

 The features of the submitted works are that young people look at their daily lives again this year, and the club activities and studies that read the feelings that spring from them, works related to future careers, as well as the families surrounding themselves that are difficult to talk about. A lot of works were collected with the feeling of gratitude to my friends.In addition to works that please the Japanese people's activities in the world, such as receiving the Nobel Prize in Physics and Medicine and the Physics Prize, there are also works that represent the social situation in 70, such as works related to the 2015 years after the war and the reduction of the voting age. Was done.

Below are some excerpts from the winning and excellent works.
[General section winning works]
My parents ask me what to do and keep silent I pretend not to listen and look at the sky
Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture Kanai Junior High School 2nd year Ms. Masaki Abe

How many more pages of textbooks should I turn to bring about true peace?
Yamagata Prefecture Yamagata Prefectural Yonezawa Kojokan High School 2nd year Taku Shibuya

Next year, I will not be able to choose the course of election rights that I have been given
Saitama Prefecture Saitama Prefectural Okegawa High School 2nd grade Hanaka Omuro

I thought that the Olympic athletes were superhuman, and the next one to come out is my generation
Ayaka Ukawa, 3rd year student at Kashiwa Junior High School, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Chiba Prefecture

[Excellent work of elementary school students]
The recital If you put your hand on the black and white battle, there is no more
Mitsuri Saito, 6th grade, Mutsuoka Elementary School, Sammu City, Chiba Prefecture

I went out to the balcony at night when I knew I couldn't go to the tournament
Kosuke Kamio, 4th grade, Ono Elementary School, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture

Grandma fighting when she goes out to the garden Don't be afraid because I'm worried
Yui Ando, ​​6th grade, Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture

* 100 winning works and 10 elementary school students are posted on the university's website.

 The "School Special Award", which is presented to schools that have a large number of excellent entries, is the Aomori Prefectural Hachinohe Technical High School, Tokyo Metropolitan Katakura High School, Tokyo Metropolitan Sagimiya High School, etc. Five schools, Sasebo City Shimizu School and Keio New York Academy (High School), received the award.

Reference: [Toyo University] Announcement of 29 winning works and 100 elementary school students from the 10th "Hundred People of Contemporary Students"

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