The "Bay Area Hospitality Robot Study Group", which consists of institutions based in the Tokyo Bay Area area, such as Shibaura Institute of Technology and Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, links the hospitality robot "Concierge" currently under development with smartphones and IC cards. We have developed an experimental system that allows many people to acquire action history by coming into contact with robots.

 The hospitality robot "Concierge" is equipped with functions such as movement, voice recognition, face detection, and photography.For example, if you say "Take a picture", you can check the number of people to take, move autonomously to the appropriate shooting distance, and take a picture with "Yes cheese", print it, and hand it over.

 If a hospitality robot is developed, it will be possible to record the degree of congestion and movement patterns of people while responding to visitors at the Olympic and Paralympic venues in the future, and utilize it for the design of conductors. While responding in language, it is possible to grasp the nationality, gender, and age group of the user and provide services according to the taste of the user.

 In the experiment developed this time, through a questionnaire-style stamp rally using three booths, not only questionnaires are collected, but also information such as patrol routes and travel times are collected by linking networks between robots.In the future, we will develop technology while strengthening networking, aiming for a demonstration experiment with more than 3 units in commercial facilities in 2016 and 10 units in the vicinity of the venue of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020.

* The members of the Bay Area Hospitality Robot Study Group are Shibaura Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Industrial Technology, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Tokyo Marine University.Robot Service Initiative (RSi) collaborates

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