Showa Women's University (Setagaya, Tokyo) Takaaki Yasuda, Department of Business Design, Faculty of Global Business, set up an organization called "Pseudo-Company Female College Student" and set up an underground concourse at Shibuya Station on January 2015, 1. A wagon shop based on the concept of "If you sell mikan in Shibuya" will be open for a limited time. It was open from 19:24 to 6:10 for 22 days until the XNUMXth.

 This activity is part of the seminar's class, which majors in entrepreneurship and corporate finance, and aims to learn business know-how while experiencing processes such as product proposals, purchasing negotiations, and financing.When opening a store, a "pseudo-company female college student" was established, and the students were divided into teams such as personnel, public relations, and finance to manage the project.In order to cover the initial cost of 16 yen, we also issued pseudo-shares (9,000 yen per unit, 1 shares).
The mission of the group is "believe in oranges, love oranges, and make them."Since the scene of "Kotatsu mandarin oranges", which was once a winter tradition in Japan, has decreased due to the nuclear family and changes in lifestyle, the project will introduce new ways to enjoy oranges and aim to increase the consumption of oranges. I am.

 After deciding where to open the store, the students are divided into groups to carry out planning, marketing, promotion, etc.While the main purchasing group at the site is housewives in their 30s and 60s and office workers returning from work, we wanted to target young people of the same generation, so we shared ideas such as using SNS such as Twitter.On the day of the event, 1 to 6 people take turns standing at the store and serving customers wearing hakama and happi coats borrowed from Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture.We have also devised ways such as placing a table in front of the showcase to make it easier to pick up the product.

 Megumi Yamazaki, the deputy representative, said, "It was difficult to convey the vision because 20 seminar students shared the same goal. Sometimes I couldn't divide the work well and the burden increased." In the exchange with the company, he said, "It was difficult to explain logically by negotiating the number of products purchased and the purchase price."

 The products sold, such as "Mikan Daifuku" (450 yen) and "Mikan Warabimochi" (650 yen) from Seikoudou (Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture), are sold out every day.Details of sales will be reported at the Pseudo-Shareholders' Meeting (held on January 2016, 1), which looks back on the project.

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