Aiming to become a first-class university, the increase in study time for high school students was revealed in the 5th Basic Study Survey of the Education Think Tank Benesse Institute for Education (Tama City, Tokyo, Director Kazunari Taniyama).It is also a recent trend that the number of children and students who think that going to a first-class university and company-oriented will lead to happiness in the future is increasing.


 According to it, the average daily study time for elementary school students increased from 1 minutes last time (2006) to 81.5 minutes.For junior high school students, the previous 95.8 minutes increased to 87.0 minutes, and for high school students, the previous 90.0 minutes increased to 70.5 minutes.It is believed that the effects of anti-Yutori education have emerged along with the increase in the amount of homework and junior high school exams in urban areas.
When asked how school study would be useful in the future, more than 8% of the elementary, junior high and high school students answered "to join a first-class company" and "to become a useful person in society."57.8% of elementary school students answered "to get rich".

 Among them, the answer that showed extremely large growth was "If you graduate from a good university, you will be happy in the future", which is 16.9% for elementary school students, 16.0% for junior high school students, and 12.8% for high school students compared to the previous time.This response rate has remained almost unchanged until the previous time, but it is thought that the rapid increase this time is a sign of changes in children's consciousness.

 When asked about the desired entrance examination method for those who wish to enter the 4th grade university, the number of students who wish to receive a recommendation or AO entrance examination has decreased significantly for the first time, from 40.4% in the previous survey to 28.7%.It is believed that this was due to the fact that high school education encouraged students to take general entrance exams so that they would not be affected after enrollment.

reference:[Benesse Holdings, Inc.] Benesse Education Research Institute "2015th Basic Study Survey" Data Book [XNUMX]

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