While the introduction of renewable energy such as solar power generation is accelerating in various parts of Japan, 36.7% of local governments think that renewable energy facilities are contributing to regional revitalization, according to a survey by Waseda University, Gunma University, etc. It became clear in.In terms of future expectations, 70.0% answered that local production for local consumption of energy, 57.0% answered that it was regional disaster prevention, and 46.9% answered that it would create employment, indicating that they have great expectations.

 In October 2015, the survey distributed questionnaires to more than 10 prefectures and municipalities nationwide, and received responses from 1,600 local governments.According to the report, only 414% answered that they "know" about the actual situation of renewable energy in the region.Especially in municipalities, there are many things that we hardly know, and it is clear that there are only a handful of local governments that are actively investigating.

 Regarding whether renewable energy contributes to the development of the region, 36.7% said that they "contributed", while 16.2% answered that they did not.As for renewable energy that leads to regional revitalization, 52.4% answered that it is residential solar power generation and 39.9% answered that it is locally owned mega solar (Note 1), and there are strong expectations for solar power generation.

 As for the problems of renewable energy, 42.8% said that it was difficult to determine the business feasibility, and 35.5% said that there were no local personnel who were familiar with renewable energy.Regarding troubles related to renewable energy, 50,0% answered that it was a landscape and 29.5% answered that it was noise.The most common facility with troubles and complaints was mega solar, which is capitalized outside the region, reaching 40.5%.

(Note 1) Mega solar Large-scale solar power generation with an output of 1 megawatt (1,000 kW) or more.

reference:[Waseda University] Survey on the introduction of renewable energy and local government intentions, Waseda University, Gunma University, etc.

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