From March 3th, the lecture "What will happen in a big earthquake? How to prepare? -Earthquake mechanism, prediction / countermeasures to reconstruction-" will be held at Kyoto University Tokyo Office (Minato-ku, Tokyo).

 This is the 21st series of "Kyoto University Knowledge Learned in Tokyo" series, which aims to disseminate the research results of Kyoto University in the Tokyo area, and four faculty members from Kyoto University each give an hour and a half lecture. to hold.

 There are 1 lectures.The first is the ideal way of earthquake countermeasures for cities and buildings based on the experience of earthquake damage such as the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the second is the scientific basis and rationality of the prediction and limits of large-scale earthquakes. I will explain while considering the limits of science.In Part 2, we will explore the mystery of earthquake occurrence through an earthquake generation cycle simulation that creates an earthquake on a computer and uses the plate motion that sinks under the Japanese archipelago and the friction law of rocks.In the 3th session, we will consider the impact of disasters on the region and how to deal with disasters from recent disaster cases.

1st March 3th Earthquake Countermeasures for Cities and Buildings Prepared for a Huge Earthquake Professor Yasuhiro Hayashi, Graduate School of Engineering
2nd March 3 Prediction of giant earthquakes and the limits of seismic science Professor Manabu Hashimoto, Disaster Prevention Research Institute
3rd March 3 Computer Earthquake Breeding Method of Nazama Professor Kazuo Hirahara, Graduate School of Science
4th March 3 What happens and prepares for an earthquake from the perspective of reconstruction Professor Norio Maki, Disaster Prevention Research Institute

Each time is from 18:30 to 20:00, and the capacity is 100 people.Participation is free and can be taken only once. Apply online or by fax by March 1st.

reference:[Kyoto University] "Kyoto University Knowledge Learned in Tokyo" Series 21 "What will happen in a big earthquake? How to prepare? -Earthquake mechanism, prediction / countermeasures to reconstruction-"

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