On January 2016, 1, Junior & Senior High School of Engineering (Hachioji City, Tokyo) held the "Asia x Global Human Resources Development Program Training Report Meeting".This program is produced by Kazuya Takahashi (English Department), who was selected as one of the "Top 30 Teachers in the World".This is a new type of off-campus training in which high school students learn to actually experience local problems in Asian countries, derive solutions, and build them as a business model through training in Japan.

 This training focuses on the Indonesian waste problem.In November 50, we started preparations for local fieldwork in collaboration with very2015 (Toshima-ku, Tokyo), a specified non-profit activity corporation that operates a business school that solves social issues in Asia.The four high school students who participated in the training were asked by Mr. Sugaya, the representative of the corporation, what kind of problems there are in Indonesia, what kind of activities the local people are doing to solve those problems, and the business model. Learn about the basics of logical thinking and marketing to build a business.We also held hearings and pre-meetings in English using Skype with Mr. Nina, the representative of an organization that develops recycling business and eco-product sales business locally.
Local fieldwork will be conducted for 9 days (December 2015, 12-January 23, 2016).We set up garbage cans for garbage compost and PET bottles, and held a garbage picking event involving local housewives.

 One of the high school student members who participated said, "The first thing I thought about participating this time was English. I realized that it would be nice if I could communicate straight in English instead of converting from Japanese to English. There are things that you may not notice until you try it, and even if you intend to investigate and prepare, it does not work by itself, but I think it is important to make corrections while actually doing it and get closer to completion. " Said.
The program is planned to be rolled out in Vietnam and Hawaii in the future.

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