Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. announced that it will provide an online learning service "Examination Supplement *" to the "Video Distribution Teaching Material Utilization Project" started by the Kumamoto Prefectural Board of Education from April 2016.This is the first attempt by the prefectural board of education in Japan.

 In Kumamoto Prefecture, in recent years, there have been many opinions from school sites that the difference in learning proficiency among students is wider than before, and students who need to relearn in one class, and also in class. Students of various proficiency levels, such as students who want to learn ahead of their progress, are mixed, and the difference in proficiency level is noticeable.In response to such a situation, the Kumamoto Prefectural Board of Education has offered "examination supplements" that allow students to engage in learning "anytime, anywhere" according to their proficiency level, at 10 priority schools in Kumamoto prefecture (each region in the prefecture). We have decided to introduce it as a video distribution teaching material at the school where we go to school.The purpose is to improve the academic ability and learning motivation of students with various proficiency levels, and also to improve the teaching ability of teachers by watching "examination supplements".

 First of all, we plan to start operation for students who wish to use the 10 schools that have introduced it.To use it, take the "achievement test" of the exam supplement, and based on the result, each student grasps his / her weaknesses, identifies the videos that he / she should watch to overcome the weaknesses, and uses them as home learning materials. To do.After that, we will use "textbooks" to relearn individually in the school.The teacher or homeroom teacher will check what kind of video the student has watched on the "learning management system" and give accurate instructions according to each student.

* Examination supplement is a free membership site for recruitment that supports university entrance examinations.We provide services such as all-you-can-eat lessons with more than 980 lecture videos of charismatic instructors for 600 yen per month.

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